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Collect two

Release Time:2016-02-21

Contact: Mr. Huang
Phone: 020-88888888
Hongkou District, Shanghai Ouyang Community (street) party committees integrated:
? ?Shanghai mortal Letters Collection (chips) is a private non-enterprise units, mainly engaged in private letters, manuscripts, personality characteristics of handwritten pieces of collections and finishing work. Address Siping Road, Building 2, 1209 Tianbao Monte Vista. Hereby Collection affiliated Ouyang Street Community (street) comprehensive Party, party building work and strive to do propose the following solution.

? ?Collection in the rescue of intangible cultural heritage protection work, although set up by the private sector is a personal career is very beneficial social and cultural construction is an important part of socialist spiritual civilization, and therefore, we believe that the work of the unit is placed under the leadership of the Party, to ensure the healthy development of the cause is essential.
? ?1, take the initiative to put the unit under the leadership of the Party Building collections where Ouyang street party committees, chaired by legal representative of the unit liaison work of party building, issued on the situation, up to the lower levels, do the party organization and the unit Party members, the masses of the bridge.
? ? 2, according to the requirements of the higher Party organizations, publicize and implement the Party's line, principles and policies, the implementation of the decisions of higher Party organizations, guide and supervise the units comply with national laws and regulations at work, adhere to the correct political orientation.
? ? 3, the members of the unit included street party organization management, good advanced youth, education and training of party activists, party members and the development of culture. Strengthen ideological and political work of their employees, and employees of the unit to enhance solidarity and cohesion work.